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Ultimate WeChat group guide: Invite to group, Create, Delete, Leave, and manage WeChat group.

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Review of top 5 unique features of WeChat for marketers that are most effective in reaching WeChat followers as well as keeping them engaged with your brand

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Tutorial on how to send red envelops stuffed with lucky money to friends & families via the popular E-wallet WeChat & Alipay during important celebrations

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Read MTL Novel Translation for My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms / 我的微信连三界 RAW in English.

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Editors’ note: Recently there’s been heated discussion of WeChat as an example of the “all-in-one app” trend that has been circling many tech circles.

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Career opportunities at WeChat: wechat.com/en/careers.html Tens of millions of users send Red Packets (formerly called “Lucky Money” ...

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WeChat Based Solutions & Services ... He covers the key trends for WeChat and WeChat marketing featuring the latest data, case studies and quotes from respected experts.