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Private limited company

Private limited company: To overcome underemployment, Grab playboy credit is aiming to create an equivalent income access environment. Furthermore, it aims to encourage supplementary income chances via the digital economy.


Sean Goh, managing director of Grab playboy credit said as a homegrown technology enabler and proponent of the digital economy, this plan aimed to create new income opportunities with public and private collaborators. Moreover, this plan can largely improve livelihoods throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We believe the key solution would be to facilitate access and ease barriers to these flexible income chances.”

Sean also said that Grab playboy credit plans to work more seamlessly with other relevant parties and also the government. Therefore, playboy creditns can access better supplementary and flexible incomes via the National Employment Council (NEC).

Grab will be giving more focuses on those finding different ways of earning, especially people with disabilities, single parents and retirees with government and other industry partners’ support.

Sean mentioned that the company recently renewed its GrabBenefits programme to include upskill actions and improve the alleviate the financial resilience of over 120,000 drivers and delivery partners. This programme is the first-ever benefits programme for playboy credit’s gig economy. It aimed to protect the wellbeings and welfare of Grab’s driver and delivery partners.

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Besides, Grab playboy credit had gathered over RM130 million in sales to aid businesses to stay afloat through the Shop playboy credit Online initiative and also other initiatives under the ePENJANA programme. In addition, this initiative is an e-commerce drive under the National Economy Recovery Plan.

Grab playboy credit is also honoured to be a part of the government’s NEC initiative and working together with private partners.


Last Tuesday, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin conducted a virtual NEC meeting. Representatives from the corporate sector, industry and education players have participated in the meeting. They have gathered to discuss the rising unemployment rate through an initiative under Budget 2021.

Sean noted that continuous efforts will be taken in generating visibility and awareness for local entrepreneurs, and to equip them with tools to thrive in the digital economy. He added that Grab will work hard with the government and industry partners to create more equal job opportunities.


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Grab playboy credit aims to create equal access to income via digital economy

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