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In this episode, playboy rebate invited Daniel Lee who is the Co-founder of Byte Liber to answer some questions such as its background, ideas and some opinion. As an entrepreneur, he honestly answered some questions below and provided some wonderful ideas of his own. Through our “Monday Musings”, we hope that readers can get some inspiration from these questions.



Byte Liber is an all-in-one social self-publishing platform which allows authors to edit, publish, sell directly and build readership, while we use the power of big data such as readers’ reading pattern and “buzz” created within our Facebook-like readers’ community to predict the next best seller.

In the future, we would want more local stories’ Intellectual Property (IP) to be turned into other media formats such as movies, music and dramas, and to allow more ways and senses to experience the same story.

First we are here to disrupt the publishing industry, then the entertainment industry.


How exactly does ByteLiber work?


How is ByteLiber solving with its product

2.What problem is it solving?

Byte Liber seeks to disrupt the traditional book publishing industry, which might take years for a book to be published, and the typical self-publishing industry, which can cost indie authors a fortune for a book to be published and marketed, due to the fact that publishing is very technical and it involves a lot of processes.
In summary, the problems indie authors face is that of gatekeepers, high upfront costs, low discoverability, and all the technical knowledge needed for publishing.
For the readers’ side, they often get poor quality stories from indies and platforms providing such stories like Wattpad often provides poor reading experience.

Hence, as a platform business, here’s how we are solving the issues.


Problem: Gatekeeping Publishers & high upfront costs to publish a book
Solution: Publishing with no upfront costs, we only take a commision when a book is sold.
Problem: Low discoverability for great new authors
Solution: Built-in Facebook like community feature for authors to share their stories, connect and talk with their readers, and even sell their books directly to them.
Problem: Publishing a book is technical
Solution: Authors can use our built-in cloud editor to write, edit, publish and sell directly on our platform.

Problem: They often encounter poor content from indie authors
Solution: We use collected data from readers and discussions within our Facebook-like community to find the next potential best seller, and recommend them to our readers to buy.

Problem: Poor online reading experience
Solution: We have developed our own built-in online reader which allows readers to highlight or share quotes into our community.

 Discovering more potential indie authors to share their stories with the world and make a living just on writing great stories, while we participate in the process of bring it to a wider audience, and in the future help converting black and white text into other media formats such as TV dramas and Movies is what motivates me to work even harder as days go by.


This would be “What if Byte Liber didn’t turn out to be a hit as expected?”

Well, we’ll just put in our best effort and let the market decide. If the market wants the difference we are creating and love us so much , we ‘ll survive no matter what.


JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter’s book series, before she has become a published author as famous as today, The Harry Potter’s series manuscript was rejected by 13-14 publishers before the books have sold more than 500 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling book series in history. Not only so, Harry Potters’ Intellectual Property “IP” has been turned into an IP empire including 8 movies, theme parks, merchandises, and even museums.
Similarly, Twilight was also rejected 14 times before finally getting published.
So it is time to ask ourselves, how many great stories, next bestsellers have we missed due to the high costs and gatekeeping publishers?

We imagine ourselves to be a talent searching company, which uncovers more J.K. Rowlings, and with strong supported data, we believe we can predict where the demand is and thus creating more Harry Potter empires.

It is a marathon, not a sprint. So stay healthy, health might be the only asset to invest in which will give the highest ROI in the future.
You have to be a professional over-thinker and also a professional over-doer. Basically you need to be both a thinker and a doer, and be able to go into the details to get your hands dirty and at the same time be able to zoom out and see the bigger picture.
Freedom & Responsibility.
Seeing authors getting their ebooks sold and readers reading them, while building an even larger readership.
Flip your phone, so you will only see the back of your phone and not constantly looking at the screen to anticipate the next notification to pop up.

Set aside a specific time slot for your ideas to go wild, without any electronic devices around you.



“Pardon the dust as we are still in the process of developing the website, especially for the mobile version of it. We plan to launch the official website as soon as 1 December 2020. Do stay tuned for more updates!

We are also actively finding new and potential authors to come onboard and publish their ebooks with us. If you know any of your friends who are writing or has got the potential to be the next J.K. Rowling, do refer them to us! What we can offer in marketing is creation and designing of promotional banners, book trailers, and using our social media followings to reach more readers for you.

Do follow us on Instagram @byteliber or write to us at for suggestions or further inquires. Thank You! ”