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playboy credit latest news: online dating platform "Sugarbook"

playboy credit latest news: Selangor police have arrested the founder of an online dating site – Sugarbook yesterday at Icon Residence, Kuala Lumpur. The police suspected the company is soliciting prostitution and abusing network facilities.

The 34 years old founder, Darren Chan, has declared a statement on his social media before the arrestment happened, as shown below:

“Although we do not have any form of nudity, adult content nor prostitution, we’ve lost the battle. We believe that our playboy creditn government knows what’s best for the people.”

The founder was sorry that they are unable to do more thing currently. In addition, he was grateful for those who showed support for him.

playboy credit latest news: Founder of Sugarbook arrested by Selangor police

Founder of Sugarbook – Darren Chan, was arrested by Selangor police yesterday at Icon Residence, KL.


Sugarbook is an online dating app that provides a platform for trading between women and men in term of companion and financial. The sugar babies and sugar daddies will meet through the dating platform. In short, sugar babies will provide companion while sugar daddies will pay them based on the allowance they have agreed earlier.

Sugarbook users consist of 65% sugar babies aged 20s to mid-30s, and 35% sugar daddies aged 20s to early 50s. Majority of sugar babies are college-level students who apply for the dating site’s Student Programme.



Sugarbook has released a list regarding top 10 private and local universities which has most students registered as sugar babies. According to the list, Sunway University was at the top of the list with more than 21% out of 14,433 students joining as sugar babies. The students used the dating site to seek sugar daddies for financial compensation. Hence, this list has inevitably alarmed the police and they started to pay attention to this dating site.

playboy credit latest news: Top 10 Universities which has most students joining Sugarbook as sugar babies

Top 10 private and local Universities which has most students joining Sugarbook as sugar babies.

Selangor police CID chief SAC Datuk Fadzil Ahmat confirmed that the suspect is arrested under Section 372 (B) of the Penal Code for the solicitation of prostitution and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) for misuse of network facilities.

playboy creditn Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has issued a warning statement for Sugarbook users and blocked the access to Sugarbook on Monday. In addition, MCMC emphasized that they will take further action if they detect any prostitution activities on the dating site.

However, Sugarbook provided an alternative website for its users and taught them to evade the ban. The company insists that the authorities have misinterpreted their objective and misunderstood as sex trading for payment. They stressed the point that the company activities did not include any prostitution.


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