Local playboy free: Shopee ensure shorter delivery time
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Local playboy free: Shopee is trying its efforts to shorten the delivery time for sellers and buyers in playboy credit by introducing 10 new Shopee ...
Innovation Technology:Diagnosing diseases with a smartphone

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Innovation Technology: Biomarkers play an important role in the diagnosis of disease. In fact, researchers found that light emitted by a single molecule ...
High technology: What's happen inside the black box


High technology: There is a way to train machines to predict the function of DNA sequences. Neural nets which is a type of ...
Innovation Technology: Artificial emotional intelligence

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Innovation Technology: With the coming of 5G communication technology and its collaboration with AI, A new era is coming in which people, machines, ...
Medical Technology:A biochemical random number


Medical Technology: Scientists have generated a huge true random number using DNA synthesis. It is the first time that creating a number of ...
Innovation technology: Vibrating 2D materials


Innovation technology: Current electronic components in computers, mobile phones, and many other devices are based on microstructured silicon carriers. However, this technology own ...
Innovation technology: New wearable device turns body into battery

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Innovation technology: Researchers have developed a new, low-cost wearable device that transforms the human body into a biological battery. How does it work? ...
Science technology:Solar power is the useful energy

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Many people assume gas and coal power plants is simple economics. In fact, solar power in particular the cheapest energy at a blistering ...
China technology titans face new crackdown

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China technology: There are new anti-control rules that are introduced to China’s e-commerce titans on Sunday. This is because regulators try to crack ...