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2021 New Norm
As the year 2021 draws near, playboy creditns are taking time to reflect on the lessons learned throughout the year, while charting plans for a fresh start. Photo: Pinterest/

2020 is a year of whirlwind. As we move towards the “new normal” of life, invisible viruses are spreading everywhere, and we are speechless. At the same time, we have also seen many other equally pressing issues. The Australian wildfires, the US election and the black life issue movement are just a few of them. After surviving a year of hatred, I will now see what might become the “new normal”!

As New Year, 2021 approaches, playboy creditns need time to reflect on the lessons learned throughout the year and to formulate new plans.

They would rather stay at home on New Year’s Eve, but if the Covid-19 pandemic situation improves, they will consider traveling next year.


When contacted by Muhamad Rahman Daros, a 38-year-old self-employed person from Shah Alam, he said that 2020 provides valuable lessons from the Covid-19 challenge.

The New Normal In 2021? By Sanmay Parkhi, Tiffin School | This Is Local London

The New Normal in 2021? By Sanmay Parkhi, Tiffin School | This Is Local London

“It has been tough for all of us since the pandemic emerged and we faced some difficulties like never before. However, we remained resilient and I pray that things will get better for us next year.”

Rahman said: “I’m just grateful that everyone in my family is safe and healthy. There’s nothing more that I would want than to be close to my loved ones.” He added that he plans to spend time with friends sometime next year.

On the other hand, Shafiq Ameer, a 29-year-old telemarketer, will work on the last day of the year and New Year’s Day.

He did not plan to celebrate the arrival of the new year, but wanted to stay at home due to the worsening of the epidemic.

In the past few years, he would hang out with friends on New Year’s Eve until the early morning.

He added: “Maybe next year we will take a trip somewhere, maybe to Langkawi. It is better to stay safe for now.”

The 40-year-old from Malacca just wants to be called Sha. She said she will spend quality time with her relatives on New Year’s Eve.

She says the city will crowded during the long holiday approaching the Christmas holiday. Since Malacca is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

“That’s why I have decided to travel with friends before Christmas and the new year’s eve. We are currently on vacation in Langkawi.”

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The school has a huge responsibility to maintain social distancing inside and outside the campus. These measures include the use of masks anywhere outside the classroom, and frequent wiping of tables when moving between classrooms and certain one-way systems to reduce crowds gathering in one place. Looking to the future, I hope that the guidelines on education will be retained, but the rules will gradually be liberalized. The current measures are considered an inconvenience, so if many people find that this is not temporary, it will frustrate many people.


At this time, you must wear a mask. If you do not wear a mask, you are can’t enter the store or office. If you forget to wear a mask, you will be severely punished at school. What I expect to happen is that the use of masks will no longer cause you inconvenience, but will be regarded as something necessary for your shoes. It is foreseeable that various companies will make designer masks.

This will increase the price of masks and cause masks to no longer a safety precaution, but as a fashion accessory. Following this, more and more mask factories will be built around the world, causing pollution. Industries that meet the needs of men’s shaving or women’s lipsticks will see a significant decline in sales because masks will cover the mouth, rendering the shaving equipment and lipstick materials useless. With the popularity of masks, wearing masks may give people a false sense of security, which is definitely not what the government wants.


The operation of some events this year is completely different from the previous operation. Award ceremonies and sporting events (such as the Olympics) were completely cancelled. Modified events that can be run virtually, such as certain games, music, art, and political events, to make them more accessible online. However, it can be said that many industries (airlines, tourism, vehicle maintenance, leisure facilities, etc.) have been hit by this epidemic.

Looking to the future, I hope that fewer movies will shown in cinemas, and more movies will be shown on certain streaming services such as Netflix. As government guidelines expand, certain recreational facilities (including gymnasiums) may be reopened to allow sports outside your home and with your family. Poorer airlines will probably not make a lot of money, and some will even close their entire business. Religious activities (such as Easter, Eid and Diwali) has severely affected by COVID 19. These celebrations usually require large gatherings, which is impossible due to COVID. The government is aware of this and does not want similar restrictions during the Christmas period. They allow up to 3 family gatherings for Christmas. It is very likely that there will be green shoots of economic growth next year, but it will not be as high as before COVID.


Wiebke Bleidorn pointed out: “[Lock-in] may lead to new norms, and over time, new norms may also shape our personality.” Overall, people’s attitudes towards public health have changed. Certain measures will prepared to prevent another pandemic. But things can’t be the same again. It is not only large-scale fantasy events that have affected by this virus. The tiny daily things in life will also change forever.

When going to a restaurant, people will think twice and eat anywhere outside the home. When crossing the street, be extra careful to keep your distance from anyone else on the street. The virus may disappear, but people’s minds will not disappear. We will pay enough attention to public health research, scientists and each other. We recognize each other as precious people. They should not be taken for granted, but should be appreciated because of who we are. In general, we hope that we will become a more tolerant society and realize the deprived who need more support.


All in all, 2020 has given us a lot. Some are good, some are bad. Fortunately, we had a climax in the positive atmosphere of Christmas. In addition, no matter what to provide in 2021, we will be able to survive. After all, what could be worse than 2020?